About this site

This website is intended to support people starting or expanding a hepatitis C testing and treatment project. While micro-elimination is effective in most situations, it is not possible at all times and places. Some of the resources here are useful for other treatment systems as well.

You can follow this website team on twitter at @microeliminate for occasional posts about hepatitis C and elimination.

For those looking for more general information about hepatitis C, there are many excellent resources. Look for ones which are country, community, or region specific.

Below is a selection, far from comprehensive, of useful general information sites. You can identify many more at this link to World Hepatitis Alliance’s member page.

Hep Voices “Viral hepatitis matters”
World Hepatitis Alliance “Fighting for a world free from viral hepatitis.”
WHO hepatitis C fact sheet


Association of Liver Patients Care, Egypt  Co-founder of the World Hepatitis Alliance
Association de Lutte Contre le Sida , Morocco



Hepatitis C Trust, UK “By patients, for patients”

North America

Pacific Hepatitis C Foundation  “inform, support, and strengthen ”


Hep C Action Aotearoa  “Success will depend on stakeholders coming together.”
Hepatitis NSW “Together we inform, support and educate”

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