Research: Modelling for microelimination in 3 regions of Switzerland

New research published in Swiss Medical Weekly models the current epidemiology of hepatitis C virus in three regions of Switzerland, identifying increases in diagnosis and treatment rates that may be required to achieve the goals of the Swiss Hepatitis Strategy.

According to the study, elimination of chronic hepatitis C infection in eastern (region of St Gallen), western (region of Geneva) and northern (region of Zurich) Switzerland is possible by 2030. However, the current rate at which cases of hepatitis C are identified and treated is not sufficient.

In order to meet the Swiss Hepatitis Strategy elimination goals over the next 15 years, the authors write, greater screening and increased access to Direct Acting Antivirals (DAAs) will be required.

Read the full research article on the Swiss Medical Weekly website.

Rusch, U., Robbins, S., Razavi, H., Vernazza, P., Blach, S., Bruggmann, P., Müllhaupt, B., Negro, F., and Semela, D. (2019) Microelimination of chronic hepatitis C in Switzerland: modelling the Swiss Hepatitis Strategy goals in eastern, western and northern regions. Swiss Medical Weekly,

Image “Swiss Flag” by Benjamin Stäudinger is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

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